My Cat Is Acting Strange. He Is Pacing, Crying(meowing),and Won't Sleep. Any Ideas?


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Sounds like your kitty is bored, and you might want to try to play with him/her. They love feather toys, you might want to get a couple of them to play with. If that doesn't do the trick, try catnip. They love that. Hope this helps.
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If cat if older, he may have a thyroid problem, possibly hyperactive thyroid.....take to vet.
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My cat is doing the same thing and he never does that. I know that's not an answer but he's definitely not sick or anything and I already played with him. The sky's also a strange color so I was having the same thought as you even though I live in Switzerland. Maybe something is going to happen.
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How old is he? Is he fixed? Are there females sround? I recently had a similar problem with my little Gunner, 6 months old. He would spend all his time outside, and when he was in, he would stare out the windows, meow, walk/run around the house like he was in stress, try to climb the walls(?), ect. 

We took him to get fixed and he stopped, so your cat might be in like, male heat ( dont know what to call it). If thats not your case, try changing his food and spending a lot more time with him. If it keeps going on, take him to the vet for a check up, he might be sick.

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Is definitely try n to tell you something but I wouldn't stress too much on the weather  Maybe shes wanting something from you or she's bored  try to follow her she if she points you n the right direction
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Take him to the vet. Seriously, he could have some health problems and you don't even know!

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