My Puppy Has A Very Soft Mushy Spot In The Top Of His Head, I Really Think That The Mother Did Something To Him Because He Screamed For 2 Days, Nonstop And Also When He Bumped Something, He Was Doing Fine At First Until This Happened. Do You Have Any Ideas?


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Hello there. I am wondering if your puppy is a Chihuahua? I ask because Chihuahua's are born with and can live their whole lives with a soft spot in their skull which is called a molera. This is one major difference between Chihuahua's and other breeds. Care must be taken to prevent injury to this area. Puppies (and human babies) may be born with soft spots on the head and should eventually close over time as the Puppy grows into a juvenile and then an adult. There is also something called hydrocephalus. This is swelling on the brain happens because the cerebrospinal fluid cannot drain properly from the skull. A dog with hydrocephalus will have many soft spots in the skull because the additional fluid keeps the skull plates from fusing. The puppy will have large eyes due to the fluid pressure. A hydrocephalic puppy will have a larger head than his littermates, may  be lethargic, and will grow more slowly. I hope that I have provided you with some useful information! Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything else I can help you with!
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With this go away...with the fluid drain. This is happened to my baby after a fight with another adult dog in my house. He is very weak. He is trying to walk, but his gait is very unsteady, he is eating and drinking if we give it to him. He is a pomchi, he weeks old
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This is called the fontanel also known as the molera, not all puppies have this but toy breeds usually do.

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