My Dog Has Rabies And I Don't Have The Money To Help Her. Are There Any Other Ways To Heal Her?


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You can call the local humane society and surrender the dog to them. However I just noticed that this question that supposedly still needs to be answered was posted several months ago. I hope the dog didn't suffer much. I want you to know how annoying it is to members who are trying to help around here that you don't check of your questions as 'answered'.
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I am so sorry that you have to go through this! There is no remedy for this other than a veterinarian. Maybe you could call around and find a doctor that would find it in his heart to give you a longer period of time to pay for it.
Sometimes you can find one, if you're determined to find one. If you can't, then really there's only one alternative to this, and I don't think that you really want to do that. I'm truly sorry that I can't help. Good luck.
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If your dog truly has rabies there is no cure except to be put down.
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Yes, sadly, if your dog really has rabies, then she will die, either painfully on her own or painlessly if put to sleep by a vet. If this is your own diagnosis, though, you might be wrong. Either way, you need to see a vet immediately. You should understand that not following the law in dealing with an animal known to have rabies can put you at legal risk. I'm very sorry for you and her. Best wishes.
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Unfortunately, there is no cure for rabies once symptoms present themselves. It is not safe for you to be around your dog, as your dog may bite you, thus giving you the disease as well.  
However, it should be noted that if a person is bitten by an animal that has rabies and is treated correctly and thoroughly for the bite with the correct anti-virals, the bitten person has an excellent prognosis.   The treatment for rabies bites is a series of shots over 21 days and is VERY costly, so I would not recommend keeping your beloved pet any longer.
My heart goes out to you.   It hurts to lose a beloved pet.
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Rabies can not be treated and dogs have rabies when they did not get there rabie shots,and signs are biting foam on the face and acting very weirdly.If anyone got bit by a dog with rabies that person will die

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