My Dog Has Small White Worms In Its Feces. What Kind Of Worms Are They?


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If they are moving when fresh, they could be tapeworm. They will not show up on a regular stool test for worms. They will not float as other worms will in the test. And YES they can be caused by eating fleas! Call the vet, they will give you a pill and it will take care of them. Doesn't cost that much at vets office.
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They are from fleas - go to Petsmart or Petco and get de-worming medication. You don't have go to your vet it will only cost you more. It can come in a powder form or pill but pill is better. Just read the directions in within a few days your little friend will be worm free!
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The small white worms you see in the dogs feces are probably pieces of tape worm. Normally the end of the worm will shed and be passed with the dogs stool. Sometimes you will also find them on the fur around the dogs tail after they have had a bowel movement.

Dogs can get tape worms from the feces of other dogs or sometimes they get it from ingesting fleas.

It is a good idea to contact your Vet and get the wormer specifically for tape worms.
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It's either tape worms or hook worms you can just go to Walmart and buy some pills.They work and it's cheap! :)
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The white worms in the feces are tapeworms and if they are moving then you really need to take your dog to the vet. They will either give him a shot or some meds and one the dog gets either then he'll you will see them again in the feces only they'll be dead. But you really need to take him to the vet.
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My dog has the same thing...just noticed it this evening...the little white worms were moving...there were many of them...are you sure it's tapeworm? I'll be taking him as well as my other dog to the vet ASAP either way.
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Not quite sure what the small white worms are in the feces but it seems to be some kind of parasite and should be seen by a vet ASAP
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I can't specifically say what the small white worms in his feces may be. However, you should take him to the vet immediately and have him checked and treated. I had a dog when I was younger, by the time we noticed he even had worms, his heart was in such bad shape he passed away within a week. He had heart worms and the vet said there was nothing they could since we caught it so late.
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White small worms??? If they look like spaghetti, there called round worms... Fleas??? I don't think so. You can take a sample of her stool to the vet, I wouldnt think you'd need to make an apt.??? They'll look to see if they find any internal parasites, if they do they'll call you back to tell you the results and what your options are to get rid of them.
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Your dog has tapeworms you can take your dog to the vet for treatment or buy it in either pill or powder form over the counter at any o.k. Feed store.

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