My guinea pig choked badly on his food a couple nights ago, now won't eat on his own. I have to hand feed him and he loves it, could the choking possibly injured his throat?


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I doubt that choking injuries your piggies throat, he's still eating! I think he likes the attention of you hand feeding him! Put him in his cage and put a piece of lettuce or carrot in there, he'll eat on his own!

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Christina Marie
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Thank you for answering! So far If I put a piece of lettuce in front of him he refuses it. As well as his dry food. When I hand feed him I have to force it, then he'll chew it some and swallow. Plus I give him water which he really loves. But again thank you for answering!
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If your piggy is refusing lettuce and other vegetables, May take him/her to the vet, very unusual that a piggy would refuse vegetables. You're welcome!
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Your guinea pig is probably scared to eat since it choked. Handfeed him for a week and then let him eat on his own.

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