My Dog Has Little Bumps And Also Losing Hair In Spots, We Were Told She Had Fleas. Can You Help?


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Treating the dog is not enough, the house and yard also need to be treated. I have found that 7-dust works great for this. I use the powder form of 7-dust in the house putting it along baseboards, under furniture, in couch cushions, and up the vacuum because this is where they breed. I also like the 7-dust granules for the yard. Both are fairly cheap and found in the lawn and garden area in most stores. Also bathing the dog every day with harsh shampoos can be very drying to the skin, so instead give the dog distilled vinegar water baths. All this will cost under $50.... And the first thing you'll run out of is the yard granules and vinegar the 7-dust powder goes a long way and should last you a long time. There are several other brands that offer granuals and powders other than the 7-dust brand that kill insects.
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You need to treat the environment--both inside and outside--or your dog is going to become reinfected. 
Also if she is not getting better fleas may not be main or only problem affecting your dog.  If flea treatments are not working then you need to have her rechecked by your veterinarian. 
Skin problems and allergies are often frustrating to all involved-you, your dog, and veterinarian.  I would also contact your veterinarian via phone to update them on the status of your pet.  Since they actually saw the dog and the condition of your dog's skin this makes them most qualified to give further advice.

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Go to your vet and get the pill for flee treatment its like 15 dollars and it works like magic I had the same problems with my dogs once they take the pill 30 min later it starts to kill flees and 1-3 hours later there are no more flees you can even give them a bath the pill puts stuff in there blood to make the flees die but it doesnt hurt the dog its really cheap and works wonders XD oh but be sure after you give the dog the pill to vaccumm your house very well since flees can hide in the carpet best of luck XD
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Go to petco and buy this dog shampoo that is called flea and ticks go away

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