What Does It Mean When A Dog Loses Its Hair In Clumps?


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Your Dog could be displaying signs of Allergies to the new wood chips or a sensitivity to the food and or medication he/she ingested. I would suggest you take her/him to the Vet for them to examine the area's and to advise treatment for the same. Either that or if a Vet visit is too costly you could try cleaning the area with antibacterial soap and rinsing it well drying it very well and applying a small amount of Cordaid which has cortizone to each effected area and be very careful near the eyes. Also I would use a triple antibiotic ointment in addition just in case it is some form of skin infection. In truth however I strongly recommend you take your dog to the vet for proper examination...and yes dog do tend to drop their hair a few times a year but don't generally leave bare/bald spots in doing so.
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There are several things it could mean.  Normally when a dog loses it's fur in clumps it's because it's "blowing it's coat" during the normal shedding season.  Some dogs don't shed in the traditional manner and lose clumps of fur in spring / fall.

It could also be a skin issue so you should get your dog checked if this is the first time this has happened.
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Hair loss in cats or dogs is another problem of many owners who complain about this in the vet clinics. Hair loss in all dogs and cats is always due to underlying disease. Following are some common causes of hair loss in dogs.

1. Flea allergy
2. Allergy to pollens, molds, and foods
3. Mange
4. Lice infestation
5. Pyoderma
6. Ringworm infection
7. Cushing's disease
8. Endocrine diseases due to hormonal imbalances
9. Autoimmune skin diseases
10. Almost all skin diseases

So, get appointment from your local vet and pay him visit along with your dog.
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It could be stress, or ringworm, maybe even mange, you really need to get the pup to the vet to find out what it is. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pup.
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I have a shitzu who is six years old and her hair has began falling out , there are parts on her body that are completely bald , there are also red patches on the skin , can someone tell me what the cause could be ?
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Dogs normally do shed their hair in winter. But if they start losing big patches of hair, followed by skin problems, then it can be a bacterial infection. You have mentioned that he has been on a diet with steroids in it for 2 days. Steroids do have side effects, but hair loss is one of the side effects when a dog has been on steroids for long term. The most common side effects for short term steroid intake are as follows:
1. Increased thirst
2. Increased urination
3. Weight gain
4. Anxiety
5. Hyperactivity
6. Panting
7. Diarrhea

But are you sure your dog does not eat the other dog's food when you are away? He might be sharing it with him for a long time without you ever noticing it. If that could be possible, then yes, hair loss is a side effect of steroid intake. High dose can result in long term side effects.
1. Infections
2. Hair loss
3. Skin problems
4. Diabetes
5. Adrenal suppression
6. Liver damage
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Mothers always shed after a litter, and because she is always lying down in the bedding with the babies, she has a lot more hair accumulated in the bedding. You should also remember, it's spring time, and you need to brush them a lot at this time of year to help their coat become sheeny and glossy. Hope this helps.
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He is either shedding his/her winter coat, because my german shepard is doing the same thing. If he is still shedding by the middle of summer, contact your local vet.
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Just in the last week or two, our beagle-sheltie's hair (which is thick) is coming out on his back over his hindquarters.
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He's a staff 2yrs old and has been the vets had medication to treat it but fur is still coming out it's bleeding then clumping up then falling out leaving him with bald patches
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They make a vitamin that you order online its called "nuvet" ,its great I use it for my dogs, it helps with many different things look it up I think you will like it.
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Your dog is probably just shedding from his/her winter coat. My friend has a dog, and when I pet her, she sheds A LOT! By the way what breed is your dog? It might also depend on that.

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