My Cat Is Coughing And Spitting Up Clear, Foamy Liquid. She Also "Screams" When She Coughs. Why Is This?


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She may have caused a lot of irritation from coughing hard and so much ,as well as the spitting up.The irritation may have irritated to the point of being sore and may cause bleeding in the esophagus/trachea.Please have her checked by a vet. Soon.
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My cat started coughing up clear foamy liquid ,then spent a lot of time swallowing repeatedly as if something was stuck in her throat. At first the vet thought she had an upper respiratory tract infection but after blood tests he found she had is passed by scratching or sharing feeding bowls . This meant that sharing water and food was a cause of contamination. Jasmine died quickly within three months, she stopped eating and drinking .

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