Chocolate Lab Is Coughing Really Bad. It Sounds Like The Croup And She's Spitting Up Lots Of Phlegm (sometimes Looks Bloody). She's Still Wagging Tail, Walking Around & Doesn't Seem To Be In Pain. We Know Its Not Heart Worms. What Could It Be?


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Hello there and Merry Christmas Eve!! I have a Yellow Lab, and I know that being stoic is a trait they usually posess. My Yellow Lab "Angel" always acts "normal" even when she is sick (especially when food is involved lol.) Being a Veterinary Technician for almost 10 years, the first thing that comes to mind other than Heartworm disease which you have ruled out, is Kennel Cough. The most common symptom in Kennel cough is a dry hacking cough sometimes followed by retching. I can only describe the cough as having a 'honking sound.' A watery nasal discharge may also be present. With mild cases, dogs continue to eat and be alert and active. Many times, there is a recent history of boarding, grooming or coming in contact with other dogs. The treatment may include an Antibiotic and/or a Cough Suppressent if the Veterinarian feels it is necessary. I know that it is Christmas Eve, and tomorrow is Christmas Day, and most Veterinarians are closed, but I am sure there is an Emergency Clinic open somewhere near you. If you feel your Girl may need medical attention at any time, please do not hesitate to atleast call them and tell them her symptoms. Then, if the Veterinarian feels it is necessary, bring her in to be seen. I have worked MANY Thanksgivings, Christmas', and New Years', and I know that when our animals are sick, we need a caring Vet Tech to help us through a "crisis" even if it turns out to be nothing. Don't think they won't want to talk to you, or won't see your girl. So many people don't call because they don't know there are 24 hour emergency hospitals for animals, or they don't want to bother us with their "minor" question or problem. They couldn't be more wrong though! That is why we do what we do! Because we love the animals and owners alike. I hope that I have helped give you a place to start or an idea of what could possibly be going on with your girl. There are other things that have coughing as a symptom, but from what you described, and how she is still acting ok, I can only guess Kennel Cough. Good luck, God Bless, and please keep me posted on how she makes out by leaving me a comment or leaving me a message in my shoutbox.  Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Blessed 2009!!
Jennifer - VT, Certified ACO
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She could have one of many diseases:

1. Kennel Cough: It is a contagious respiratory disease that causes hacking and coughing. There is a vaccine to prevent this, but if the dog is not vaccinated then quick treatment must be sought.

2. Distemper: There is a vaccine against this too, but it can happen despite being vaccinated. It attacks puppies worse and is mild in adult dogs. There is usually a thick discharge from the nose and eyes.     

3. Allergies: Allergies can trigger the mucus membranes as well, which leads to coughing. You can try giving the dog Benadryl (1 mg per lb of dog's weight, three times a day) to cure this.

4. Fungal infections: These are common in dogs living on farms or near poultry due to fungi in bird droppings.

5. Auto-immune diseases: When the immune systems stops working properly and attacks the body itself, the dog can have mucus build up which will be dispelled by coughing.
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We have seen our  neighbors dog a chiwawa and he has the same symtoms of angle and it COULD BE CROUP but its kennel cough! Thank you soo much that was sooo helpful I'm glad our neighbors dog is ok I will inform them as soon as I can and thanks again and merry cristmas!!!!!

    Sincerely, kayla
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My dog has kennel cough too or so I think I am scared that he will die but we are taking him to the vet on saturday so I am crossing my fingers its weird though my corgi hasn't gotten it but my chocolate lab does have it
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More than likely, it sounds like Congestive Heart Failure.  Get your dog to the vet NOW!

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