Why Did My Fish Tank Get Cloudy?


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Forget all the things you just did. Go to the store and buy reverse osmosis water, distilled white vinegar, and the tank additive that is good bacteria like aqua safe. The water is with all the other drinking water and all water states how it is purified. Set the water aside for now I have a task for you. Put any fish buddies in a clean plastic or glass container to chill while you clean. You must now rinse all the contents in the tank in cold water and get them as clean as possible. Clean the fish tank with the vinegar and cold water and rinse it well in cold water and let it completely air dry. Clean the filter by rinsing it out with cold water. Now start putting the tank back together. If you have a friend with an established fish tank ask them for a hand full of their gravel it will help establish good bacteria. Forget all the tank additive chemicals the only one you need is the one with good bacteria and dechlorinator. A regular water change takes care of most of the stuff that goes wrong in a tank the fish don't have chemicals in the wild so no sense using them. Hot water or soap should never be used to clean a tank it kills good bacteria. Let me know if you need any more help.. Here are my tanks... s222.photobucket.com
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If it's cloudy it means it's dirty for food poop etc.. If you clean it it should look better
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How old is your tank set up dear cloudy water clearly indicate that nitrifiying
bacteria are developing colony in your tank which is essential for successful
tank set up at this stage do partial water change at least three times daily.


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