My Fish Keep Dying. Why?


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The basic tank starts like this. One empty tank cleaned with vinegar then thoroughly rinsed, gravel thoroughly rinsed and added, water added, then put dechlorinator and good bacteria drops in water, then heater and proper bio filtration along with good lighting. To keep live plants alive you need at least a power compact light without that the plants will disintegrate and pollute the tank. Over feeding pollutes the tank the fish should be able to eat all food within a few seconds and be fed twice daily the rest of the time they will scavenge for food that dropped. Over population is common and the good rule of thumb is one inch of fish for every 2-3 gallons of water. So for example a goldfish that gets 12 inches will not survive in a one gallon bowl long before dying and would need at least a 36 gallon tank. When first starting a new tank a percentage of water needs to be changed at least 2-3 times a month until things balance out so testing water is a must. Some stones like limestone can make the water ph to high so be careful what you add to your tank. Some fish do not get along with others so it is important that the fish are all similarly sized and have the same temperament. Without more info this is all I can do.
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It could be that you are suffering with a fungus in the tank, if you are using bleach to clean the tank, that will kill them, and you should us a tablet for getting the water ready for the fish. Make sure that you aren't over feeding it too. Hope this helps, good luck.
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I couldn't know for sure, but you do need to have good water and food (but not too much food, that could poison your fish!). Some fish you can't put together in the same tank because they'll kill eachother, even fish of the same kind sometimes! Temperature is another thing. You can get books out at the library that will have the types of fish that you want (or already have) and get more info about them, or you could go to a petstore and get books there too.     Hope this helps.
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Don't know how long ago was this post created but my fish kept dieing because there was no bubbles in the water from the pump...have fixed that now so fingers crossed :)
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Either your buying sick fish or you need to ventilate/oxigenate the water-add a pump to circulate the water put bubbles into the water so the fish can breath....

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