If My Siberian Husky Puppy Has Lazy Ear, Will It Go Away? She Is 7 Weeks Old.


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They might stay floppy, at 7 to 9 months you'll know if your husky's ears are staying down or coming up, but so what, you know your dog is a husky and hopefully you'll both love each other and have some great times together. I have 2 huskies, 1 boy 8 years old all the colors of the accepted mainstreamed color, eyes blue and a 1 year old female with 1 ear slightly bent at the tip, white with a little tan for color, one brown eye and 1 half brown and half blue eye, when I adopted her both parents were on premises and I am sure she's full bred, I've had neighbors tell me she's not a purebred and had heated arguements with family about what kind of dog she is, what you have to realize is huskies come in all colors from white to black, floppy ears to straight ears, blue eyes to brown eyes and as you might think yours is a runt of the litter, he/she might actually be a better dog for it, over breeding to get a breed to look the same usually causes problems...hips, trauma, sickness, expensive visits to the vet, dying early....research pictures of sled dogs, husky sled dogs and you'll see that a lot have floppy ears and then you can educate the unknowing public about a husky
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Many dogs with erect ears have floppy ears as puppies.  The ears should (though there is no guarantee) stand up as the dog grows.  Consult your breeder with your concerns.
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As the pup gets older, they will stand up, that is how it is with this breed of dog. Hope this helps.
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Just wait and don't touch its ears so they will stand up faster my siberian husky is 4 months old and still has his ears floppy and people have told me not to touch its ears and it actually works..

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