How Big Does A Rottweiler Labrador Mix Get?


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Rottweiler/Labrador mixes (which are also known as Labrotties) can become quite big dogs.
We're talking around 80-90 lbs, or around 35-40 kg - which is why it's important to make sure you're taking good care of your Labrottie!

How big do Rottweiler/Labrador mixes grow?
There's no definitive figure really - Rottweilers have been known to push 110 lbs, whilst Labradors are slightly smaller (around 60-70 lbs).

Based on this, you can expect your dog to reach at least 80-90 lbs.

The main mistake that Labrottie owners make is to exercise their dog too much from a young age, thinking it needs to burn off energy so that it doesn't become hyper.

Whilst exercise is certainly a good thing, getting your dog used to a thorough work out when it's still small will have implications as it grows.

If you don't want your Rottweiler/Lab pup growing up to be a hyper handful, I'd recommend pacing yourself when you're out with him/her, certainly for the first few months.
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My lab/rott mix is about 87 pounds. My son's dog is about 10 pounds lighter. He has her sister.

A friend of mine adopted their brother and he is about 110 pounds.  They are so gentle, loving, and very loyal. They also think they are lap dogs. Ha! 

Enjoy. They are great pets and very smart.
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My friend has a purebred Rottweiler, she was outside one night and a neighborhood mutt was prowling around and got her pregnant. The mutt looked like a Chocolate Lab, but I'm not entirley sure how much chocolate was in the dad because both puppies in the litter (there were only two) were totally black. The firsborn pup was tiny and didn't make it through the first night, but the second was noticeably huge for a newborn and, at about 4-ish months old, is really big for his age. The pups mother for reference is quite a big Rottweiler, probably about 125 pounds and she's not really fat, and the pup is very nearly the same size as her already. So I'm not entirley sure if this pup just has big genes or is bigger because he was effectivley the only puppy in his litter, but he's gonna be quite a big dog once he's done growing!

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