My Guinea Pig Is Pregnant And Huge. She Eats Constantly And Doesnt Seem To Be In Labor. How Long Can She Stay In This State I Have No Idea How Far Along She Is But I Am Told She Is A Year Old. Should I Be Worried . She Isnt In Labor Stress Yet. What?


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My guinea pigs are due to. They are just under 10months, one is due next week and the other is due anytime since Wednesday. It depends on different places to whether she is too old or  not. Some people say no older than a year others 10 months and some even say by 7 months. Just be on the watch out as there aren't many signs that she is going to give birth, keep a vets number handy, I'm lucky as I have one at the bottom of the road. The signs of labor when she actually has the babies is hiccuping and bending over as if they are eating their poop, they also make a loud screech. If you don't know how far she is take a look at the signs of pregnancy and see what matches her. Do not move her from her place as this can cause abortions and its not nice as I have experienced it myself when my guinea pig was younger. Don't pick her up just stroke her sometimes and try to clean round her in the cage if she has a hut thing then move it and do the rest of the dirty bit.This is a list of things that will happen if she is pregnant:

Week 1: No signs

Week 2: Sow may start drinking more

Week 3: Sow will start gaining weight, there will be a tightening of the abdomen muscles.

Week 4: An experienced breeder will be able to feel small foetuses

Week 5: Sow usually looks noticeably pregnant, taking on a rather rounded appearance. You will be able to feel the outlines of the foetuses.

Week 7: You will be able to feel 'quickening' this is when the babies kick

Week 9: It may become difficult for the sow to move around but she should still be active and eat and drink as normal.
The pelvic bones will separate sometime during this week

Week 10: The babies will be born

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