I Have A 10 Week Old German Shepherd Female Weighing Only 11 Pounds Is She Really Under Weight?


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My german shepherd was 13 pounds at 7 weeks, but he is a boy, so your dog may be a little underweight. Check her lineage and maybe smallness runs in her family. She will probably be around 60 or 70 pounds as an adult
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It depends on her lineage, but I would say she is underweight. Puppies need a layer of fat, not a lot of it, but a small layer as they develop. At 10 wks she should have been wormed 5 times by now. A prudent worming schedule starts at 2 wks old and goes every 2 wks until 4 mo. Old, then monthly. Worms can be very debilitating, not only do they take nutrients but they defecate and reproduce inside the puppy. A puppy should be "roly-poly" til about 4-5 mo., with a shiny coat. Worm your puppy and keep it worm free, feed a nutritional diet, natural is best, but there are good commercial foods. Add Brewers yeast (inexpensive at walmart)to the diet and the coat will be AWESOME, and it keeps fleas off naturally.
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To know if she is actually under weight we would need to see her. :-) Does she seem underweight to you or just a little smaller than you expect? Can you feel all ribs, see more than the first two, spine, hip bones, and not much muscle? Does she seem like a normal healthy pup or is there anything else your noticing? Did you do your new puppy check up yet (also often contained as a part of the contract and just something that always be done)? Did the vet think she seemed a little underweight then? It is a little smaller than average (which is a big gap) but could be normal for her. It could be something like parasites or could be something like liver or EPI or something if she really is underweight and smaller. Could also be she is a healthy weight for her individual self and isn't underweight at all. If something else is worrying you or you are seeing any signs of actual illness go sooner but you have a vet visit coming up for shots, deworming and check up usually around twelve weeks depending on schedule so could talk to them then if things don't seem too serious. Good Luck. Hope she is okay.
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Thank you so much. I bought her from a lady and honestly I thought she was just adorable but she is much smaller boned then I would think she would be for 11 weeks old. She was very thin, I couldn't feel much muscle at all and I could feel her ribs, spine and hip bones. I did deworm her Drantal and am feeding her a holistic food to try and get her weight up. Could her growth have been stunted? I have a vet appt on Monday at 4:00pm so I am really nervous.

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