Best dog breed? I have a purebred German Shepherd.


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PJ Stein answered

What is best for one person is not best for another. Me? I like Boxers. Like German Sheperds, They are working dogs. That means they are high energy and smart. You need to make sure they get plenty of physical and mental exercise, or they can become bored and make their own fun. That usually results in stuff being torn up.

If someone doesn't have time or ability to exercise a high energy dog, there are plenty if other dogs to fit their lifestyle.

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Bruno FiftySix answered

The Golden Retriever makes a good family pet.

The German Shepard is a great dog.

And Border Collies are very smart.

I miss my Siberian Husky that passed away the end of October.

His Name was Wolf

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Cookie Roma answered

I have always preferred mutts.  Seems the term "mutt" us looked down upon today but I see it as a very good thing.  This particular mutt is named Keokee. I'm told she is a German Shepard, Border Collie mix.  She is, in fact, the best dog EVER.

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