Why Does My 4 Week Old Kitten Constantly Meow Or Cry?


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From what you have said, it would appear that your kitten is no longer with his mother or his siblings, so this could very well be the reason why he is constantly crying. Kittens should stay with their mothers until they are eight weeks old even though they can appear to be fully independent before this. Sometimes, though, this is not possible, for example if the mother rejects her kittens, is ill, or dies.

You will need to spend as much time with your kitten as you possibly can and give him the comfort and the care that his mother would have done. This does not mean that you should be constantly playing with him because he will need lots of sleep.

He needs to be kept warm and to be given lots of cuddles, with you rubbing his body firmly and gently so that you are imitating his mother washing him. You may need to rub his tummy to encourage him to open his bowels his mum would have done this, too.

Don’t ever be tempted to give him cow’s milk; this was designed to feed a calf, not a tiny kitten and will give him diarrhoea, which could lead to him being dehydrated and could kill him. (In fact, even though most cats love milk and cream, they should never be given it because of this reason).

When it comes to playing with your kitten, don’t be tempted to let him chase bits of wool or string unless you are supervising him closely because he may swallow it. You will need to play lots of ‘hunting’ games so that he will get the development he needs, but be careful at this age, kittens don’t know how to control their claws!
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Like some one said she is missing her mum I've had cats all my life and I`ll tell you what to do keep doing what you doing that's fine but as she misses her mum so much you got to pretend to be her mum pick her up and cuddle her close to you neck and fuss her in one spot as though you were cleaning that spot and if you can make a purring noise yes a purring noise she`ll think its mum or if she`s lying down do the same also you could try when she is laid down or somewhere she goes to bed try putting a ticking clock (mums heartbeat) hope this works she love you for many years good luck
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I have a 4 week old kitten that doesnt have a mother. He peed twice on his on but it was in his bed and on my bed.How can I train him to go in the kitty litter?.and should I be feeding him can food.
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All the comments are all right but there is a way to stop it crying in the night
if you get a clock and put it near the kitten it would think its its mothers heartbeat or warm up a water bottle it could think its its brothers and sisters
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I think that a kitten of 4 weeks should still be feeding from its mother. It would usually be 5 to 6 weeks before a kitten is weaned. Also I would not be giving it cows milk, and you can buy cat milk especially for kittens. Most of the time after they have been weaned and they are eating and drinking properly I think you will find they prefer to drink water instead of milk. I have 2 cats and milk has been put down for them but they will not drink it, they prefer water. At 4 weeks though it would be better to it buy it cat milk which you will find in the pet food aisle in the supermarket. At that age it would probably prefer the cat milk and soft food specially meant for kittens as it would have more calcium and other products meant for the proper growth it would need at this age. Hope this helps you and your kitten
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She really should not have left her mother until 6-8 weeks old as they are not usually weaned off of their mothers properly until then ,keep an eye on her bowel movements to ensure she is going as she may need her bum wiping to encourage her to do so.
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My poor little kitty also meows all the time! She has been absolutely wonderful for the past few days, pooping in the litter, letting people pet her, not scratching anyone. However, she has just begun to meow constantly and looks out of the window as she does so. I'm so sad, because I don't know what to do. I play classical music when she meows, and it always calms her down, but when the music stops, she starts meowing again.
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She is missing her mother and looks depressed as she is still very young. If she is playing still with her toys then she is good otherwise there can be health issues.You have to take her to the vet.
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I have two little kittens that I pulled from my dryer vent cause I kept hearing meows so I have been feeding them and they have been crying all the time but I think holding them and petting them helps out a lot plus I have been putting a hot water bottle in thier bed!!!! Thanks
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Kittens normally meow and cry because there still getting to know whats around them, don't worry about it. If it does still meow and cry when it's older maybe it wants it dinner!
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He probably misses his mammy or brothers or sisters!!!

Or if you had another cat with him and it died or ran-away he might feel sad and all he wants to do is eat! He might find food comforting
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It could possibly be siamese or part siamese or certain types ar prine to be very vocal.
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My kittens are 5 weeks old and 2 of them wont stop crying ALL THE TIME!  And there with mama cat she's here with all 6 of them and they cry 2 of them all the time. I don't know what to do either?

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