What Kind Of Bug Bite Leaves Four Round Bite Marks In A Square?


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Four puncture marks in a square configuration is unusual. It could be that the bite you describe is two bite marks in close proximity to one another. If so then it may be a spider that has bitten twice and although some spider bites are relatively harmless, others do contain poisonous venom harmful to humans. Fleas will commonly bite a subject numerous times in and around the one location and bed bug bites could be a possibility too, although they can be difficult to identify also.

Maybe This Isn't Even A Bite Then?
Many of what people self diagnose, and even some doctors misdiagnose, as bites and stings from insects, spiders or bed bugs can often turn out to be the result of a medical conditions that produce a rash of some sort and won't involve being bitten at all. Medical complaints such as Shingles (Herpes Zoster) a relative of Chicken Pox, Chicken Pox itself and Hives, for example, can all be misdiagnosed as the result of having been bitten by some tiny creature or another. Allergic reactions will also produce symptoms that can be wrongly attributed to bites or stings.

So Who Would Be Able To Tell Me What It Is?
However because of the potential severity of bed bug bites, spider bites, and insect stings and bites, any marks of this nature should be examined by a medical professional and if diagnosed as such, then a second opinion should be sought, ideally from somebody specialising in the field of bites and stings.
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I have the same bite near my elbow...four marks in a square about half a cm each side. There is huge swelling in the area and it also feels bruised.   I didn't even feel myself getting bitten.
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Two-year-old daughter has the same thing. Four bite marks, 1/2 cm square.
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It can not be identified the bug by telling the bite marks. Almost all insect/spider bites have more or less same symptoms. Spider bite can cause 2 bite marks. It is possible that your daughter is bitten twice by a spider. You need not to worry if there is no swelling, pain and itching. You can simply give her anti allergy syrup.
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I got the same bite!! I didn't feel it, but it hurt for an hour or so. No itching or anything and it swelled up like a mosquito bite, but had a long bump attached to the mosquito bite-like bump. Kind of like a lollipop. I was in my car when it happened.
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I just got the same bite. 4 bite marks in a square pattern 1/2 inch square. I was on my boat in lake michigan when it happened. I felt the bite but did not see the spider. No swelling but did feel tingeling in my hand for an hour or so.
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I got the same but mine is red and it itches and that was back in April and I still have it on my leg it has changed color to red lines with in the square but I don't know what bite me

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