What Kind Of Spider Bite Leave A Sort Of Stinger Inside?


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I think you husband might be bitten by the brown recluse spider. Usually
     they don’t bite but sometimes they do. Go to the link I have mentioned
     below and you can easily judge the type of a spider or bug your husband is bitten by.

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I was bitten by something  in early Dec. Of 2009.  I was in a store digging in a large box and felt a sting.  I though no more of it until Dec. 14, 2009.  My arm was red, swollen, and hot to the touch.  I had two marks that looked like a black widow bite, a snake bite with two points of puncture.  I did not go to the Dr.  In February I pulled the skin off one of the two marks and it bled.  I then forced the other mark to bleed and a thin, I guess stinger, came out of the bite. I put in on a piece of tape and took it with me to the Dr. The next day.  He said it  may have been a bee.  He gave me a shot and prescribed an oral medication.  I now have two dark marks on my arm that are slighted indented.  What in the world could have bitten and/or stung me?  Thank you

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