Can I Use Neosporin On My Hamster?


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Daniel Martinez answered
NO! All you have to do is wash the eye with running water(warm) three or four times a day. Don't use anything but warm water
Genevieve Lovell Profile
NO! Don't just don't its poisonous for them and him/her. Just take a warm cloth and wipe gently I mean it gently! Please do has I say and your hamster should be ok:o
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Noo! Don't put neosporin it's bad they can get poisond  it's really bad you need to treat hamsters good don't just do what they say because somtimes they can be wrong if you look it up on the internet or tell lots of people in the internet lots of people go on the internet and they say the right answer because they're experts

hope I helped byyy xx
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No it will sting
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Gracie carter answered
I use it on my animals. Cats and dogs, when they have a raw spot. They sometime lick at it, but it doesn't seem to hurt them.

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