Ever Killed A House Fly? Theres a fly been hovering around me for hours and its getting annoying , dnt wanna ninja chop it , im not in the mood , any normal ways of getting rid of the pest? (widows are open!)


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Ninjas arent supposed to kill except in total self defense as a last resort only so I doubt the fly would do a Ninja any harm so use your super Ninja speed to catch the fly and release outdoors. You young grasshoppers have to be taught everything so I'm glad I'm a Ninja master here to assist young Ninjaress
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Arthur Wright
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I know, it takes practice and committment to become a true Ninja but I have faith in you that one day you will be one of the best
Addilynn All Star
Oh thank you! I hope too , ive been told i have to blend in with the others and never to seek attention!
Arthur Wright
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That will come with time for a Ninja blends in well with his/her surroundings; the stealth part
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Couldn't you play it some Westlife? That makes most living things want to leave - oops sorry, I didn't mean that, it was a joke - honest!
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Yep I chop them with my lightning-fast Taekwondo reflexes.Cheaper than fly spray and way better fun :)
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Ha ha ha that housefly is my  CID agent 007 who just investing your power strenth, you look so strong... Don't wory my hose fly is on work, after few hours he will go outside of your beautiful house... By the way my 007 agent send me a secrate msg that you  r not only a sweet and very good girl who love every one in this world... Hope you have some wonderfull time!

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