Does A Puppy Get Diarrhea And Throw Up When Teething?


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I've done research on  puppy teething causing diarrhea and yes I am finding that it does. As long as the dog is otherwise ok, it isn't something to worry about from everything I have been able to find. Swallowing excess saliva, mucus or the like causes upset stomach. Also I personally noticed the diarrhea never occurred until the puppy had multiple teeth transitioning at the same time. I know I would feel very horrible if my mouth looked like that. Teri, RN
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Humans and dogs are usually not similar.  When a human teeth they can spit up and get diarhea.  But I would say that is probably not the case for your dog.  Is your dog eating and drinking as usual?  Make sure he/she stays hydrated.  If he/she gets worse take the dog to see the vet.  Has the dog gotten in to anything possibly he/she should not have?  It happens.  I would also deworm the dog if you have not already.  You need to deworm dogs on a routine basis a few times a year, even if they are inside dogs, they still get worms, which can cause them to get sick like this.  I would call your local vet if the dog gets worse.  In the mean time go to the vet and buy a dewormer.  It is only a few dollars.  It comes in a syringe and usually is flavored.  The dogs like it.  You just squirt it in the dogs mouth, it comes in a syringe.  See if that helps, I think it will.  Good luck. 
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I somewhat agree>even if the dog is 5 months or 5 years>my concern would be....the losing of the teeth!!!!!.if the dog is eating normally and drinking normally>the diarrhea and loose teeth are a BIG concern.>>>take your dog to a vet>>the deworming could be helpful...but i think its more than just that.>.im not one to diagnose>.worked with a vet as an assistant>>when they are eating and drinking normally...we looked for...bug bites....and the like..youd b surprised what bug bite can do.
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This is not normal behavior.  Your dog must have eaten something unhealthy.  Call up your vet and ask them what to do.

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