When My Dog Is Afraid, She Secretes A Fishy Smell. Why?


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My dog secretes a fishy smell - is this normal?

This is a completely natural thing for your dog to do, and all dogs excrete this smell when they are afraid. The smell comes from two scent glands that are located near your pet's anus.

Usually, these glands secrete a small amount of material when a dog defecates.

The glands are also the area that dogs will sniff when they encounter another member of their species. The secretion also allows other dogs to recognize the source of the fecal matter.

  • If you wish to reduce the amount of fishy secretion from this gland, then you can always get a professional groomer to express the material from these glands, and thus reduce the amount that your dog can secrete.
  • Some conditions can cause these glands to swell up and become painful for your pet.
  • Sometimes, these glands may be unable to drain themselves naturally. If this is the case, then a visit to a veterinarian will be necessary.
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When dogs get scared, they tend to excrete from their anal glands.

The gland is located just underneath the dog's anus. The smell is always a very strong fishy smell.

You can have the glands expelled by a  vet or groomer, but it's very simple to do yourself. Only takes a minute.
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Maybe she needs her anal gland emptied.

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