How To House Break A 8 Week Old Miniature Dachshund?


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Good luck! Mini dachshunds are very difficult to train. We have two and after six years they STILL aren't completely trained. Since you didn't say if you have a male or female (we have one of each) I'll use the pronoun "her" in my response:

All I can say is patience. Lots of patience, consistence and treats. Try to get a routine going so she knows what to expect. At 8 weeks she will need to go out quite frequently and will need you nearby for reassurance (they are sooo small at this age). Some of the extra small ones have very small bladders and can't go long long periods without urinating so watch her to see if she starts looking around and sniffing.. Stay with her outside and when she goes praise her and pat her and tell her "good peepees/poops" or whatever and provide a small treat (like a cheerio).

If you see her sniffing around the carpet, say: Do you have to go outside? And pick her up and carry her outside to where she should go and wait till she does something. Praise her (see above). As she ages and can hold longer get into a regular routine with early morning outside to go to the bathroom, then a few hours later, and so on.

Ours know to go first thing to the back door to go out and look at me when their "walk times" arrive to the minute. Rain is a problem and most hate going out in the rain. I can understand because they are low to the ground and get wet and dirty and cold. The quicker they learn to go and that that means back inside the better. Praise, treats, etc.

Once it snow (if it does where you live) you will need to shovel her a spot to go if the snow is even a few inches deep.

We did try crate training with one of ours in the past (not the two we have now) and it was a disaster. We've found it created a lot of anxiety for her and when she had diarrhea and stuff it was really difficult for her in the night when we were asleep and didn't know. Now we're back to having them sleep in our room and they cry to let us know if they need out.

Puppies at such a young age also can have a lot of stomach upsets and if she gets diarrhea then she may not be able to make it outside and won't be able to help that so don't punish her. Just take her out immediately and you may need to do so more frequently if there's stomach upset.

Good luck. You've picked a very stubborn breed with a mind of their own but they are also wonderful, loyal and the best under the cover snugglers ever! My husband was a confirmed cat lover only but now he absolutely adores our two dachsies and the little female we have has him totally wrapped around her paw.  

Hope this helps. Be patient, it'll happen and the chewing will end at about a year (it's teething) so keep her away from wood and frozen wet washcloths are good for sore gums.


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