Any Pic Of Pitbull And Sharpay?i Have A 6month Old Pitbull Puppy Or Thats What I Was Told But Shes 47 Lb And Has A Lot Of Wrinkles On Her Face And Under Her Neck IM WONDERING IF SHE IS MIXED WITH SHAR PAY?


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You wouldn't be able to tell like that because even pups from one litter of mixed breed could be completely different from each other taking any traits or combination of traits from either breed. Shar-Pei's are pretty distinctive though and often are pretty noticable even in a mixed breed. Shar-pei's also have things like large thick jowls and a often a bristle coat that is distinctive and the flower or black tounge (though that does not mean Shar-Pei or Chow automatically). Shar-pei's also have a curly, shorter tail.
It is true that many pit's are mixed and aren't really all pit so if pure bred is important to you, you need those UKC or AKC papers (or many are both). Many of the dogs and lines have been mixed with other larger breeds and are misrepresented as Pit's (and also things like Lab's and they happen to look more like pit ect. ). Bigger ones can be purebred, just much more likely they have been mixed somewhere in the line without those papers and tracked lineage.
It sounds like your pup may be pretty big since standard (ideal) calls for a dog that is around 30 to 60 pounds mature for show and yours has a lot of room to grow but that may be why she has wrinkles. She may need to grow into her skin. They can have some wrinkles that will probably go away as they get older (as do many of the Shar-Pei's wrinkles) sometimes.
You can check around on petfinder for pics of shar-pei mixes and shar-pei/pit mixes and here are the breed clubs and some other info. Did you purchase the puppy on a contract that detailed everything and represented the puppy as a pure bred or that promised papers or anything? You could  DNA match the puppy to the sire if you believe it's possible the sire represented as the sire may not be (and there can be more than one sire to a litter). Good luck to you.

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