How Can I Stimulate Milk Production In My Dog?


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Might need more info on the situation but first you must be sure that there is not a medical problem causing whatever issues you are having because they are very common. Second, that there are puppies. Third that is an issue with milk and not just that your dog is producing colostrum which occurs for the first 3 or 4 days and then the actual milk drops.
THEN: Make sure your diet is high quality and has all the nutrition she needs. And you can add some puppy replacer to her food to help. Over production of milk can also be a problem and you have to make sure your dog is getting enough calcium for the milk production or they can become very ill and die.
It really is best to have your mom checked out after birth no matter what since so many things can go wrong but especially anytime you think something IS wrong. You can consult you vet on proper care of a nursing female and danger signs then as well.

And since it has so much to do with everything else here's some info on foods.

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How old are the pups? The Dam produces colostrum the first few days and is where the pups get the bulk of their antibodies and is different than the milk. The milk comes in day three or four.
She needs a good diet and lots of it and nursing also stimulates production. You can try giving her a little nutri-stat as well. Before you do anything give your vet a call, over production is a problem as well and be sure to monitor for infection like mastitis. There are some more tips for you in the links. Good Luck.
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Well you can't if your dog is a male. If a girl dog has babys she produces milk for them to drink. Then she produces milk

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