Why Does My Cat Throw Up After A Bowel Movement?


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It is most likely that your cat is currently suffering from a bowel problem. Straining at the end of a bowel movement is able to directly cause nausea in the stomach. Oftentimes this will simply result in the cat bringing up a large amount of saliva, meaning these two particular acts are connected. As crude as it sounds, humans sometimes suffer from the same thing sometimes as well. Straining can result in a build up of salty saliva, so this doesn't necessarily mean that your cat is seriously ill.

The first thing you should obviously do is get in touch with your vet. Your vet will know so much more about this and will be able to provide you with much more details about what is going on. The vet will also be able to detect any serious problems that may be causing this.

There have been cases in the past of this, however, where people have reported that when the city sprayed for gypsy moths, their cats suffered. This is because the cats ate the grass outside, which caused a huge onset of diarrhea. You never know, whilst your cat could be completely fine this could be a condition that has been caused by an external source, and hence, you should be sure to go to the vet and try and trace back as many steps that your cat has made as you can.

Even if you don't want to go and see your vet, the very least you can do is give them a phone call to explain what is happening. If this has happened to other cats recently then the doctor may call you in, but if not, you may get some friendly advice and a recommendation to come to the surgery if the symptoms get any worse.

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