My Black Lab Seems To Have A Fever, Won't Drink Or Eat, Is Shaking And Having Trouble Walking. What Is Wrong With Her?


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I am not an expert but it may be either she is in shock from something or she is having a neurological problem. Since this is not verternarian exam please take her to your local vet office as soon as you can. They can give her and exam and diagnose her.
Until you can get her to a vet keep her comfortable,keep offering her food and water and monotor her.but my over all advice is get her to the vet. Good luck!
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Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs.  This toxicity is acute (occurs rapidly) and is self-limiting.  Most dogs will have signs within 12 hours of ingestion. And usually these resolve within 24-48 hours (once the nuts have passed out of the gastrointestinal tract).  Signs include hind limb weakness, depression, vomiting, ataxia (wobbling or walking drunk), tremoring, fever, and abdominal pain. 
Treatment includes inducing emesis (vomiting) if not already occurring to remove any more nuts from stomach.  Activated charcoal (not grilling charcoal) can be given by your veterinarian; this will bind the nuts and help pass them through.  Supportive care--intravenous fluids or thermoregulation--is given if dehydration or hyperthermia becomes severe. 
Since you are unsure if your dog ate any other plants or toxins have her examined by a veterinarian.

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