What Is A Cat?


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Feline mammal usually having thick soft fur and no ability to roar: Domestic cats; wildcats
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It is a small furry mammal often mistaken for a meatloaf.
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A cat is a cat and it goes meow
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It is an animal that is dumb
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A fluffy un loving cat that hates mostly every body and are evil and un happy all the time... And CAN roar
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A cat is a little animal that has a tail and most of the time has fur.if you have a cat like me than you can help some people who dont!!
(hope everyone knows what a cat is!!)

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What kind of person asks that question? Anyways...

A cat is a small furry mammal, usually living in forest or held as a domestic pet. It is known as the enemy to the dog.
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Cats are small Domestic pets with many properties. They are animals that can pull their claws in  and out. They have sharp ears and nose. They are not wild cats, but they have the instinct to hunt. They are useful mise catchers. They can have long hair, medium hair, or short hair. They have sharp eye sight that is best in the dark. Here is a picture!

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