I have a 9yr old black lab / basset hound mix, lost feeling in his hind legs, drinks water and wont eat. Pray everyday. Just lost with ideas on what to do. Any help is appreciated. Please and thank you?


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Sounds like kidney or liver failure sorry to tell you take it to a vet

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Your dog needs medical attention ... NOT prayers!  He's suffering and doing nothing to help him is just plain irresponsible.

Paralysis can be caused from a number of things .. Some easily remedied, some not .. But it is critical that you get help immediately for him so you can understand what has happened and what to do for him.

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You need to get your dog to a vet ASAP!  He's obviously in a great deal of distress and I assume he's incontinent if he can't get up off the floor.  It's unkind to leave him like this when he can possibly be helped by the vet but the longer you leave it the worse he will be.

We can pray about these things but we also have to be practical and seek medical help.

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