What Do You Do If Your Gerbil Bites You?


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Blow on its face and gentle tell it no it will disturb it and you and your gerbil can live nice lives together
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I understand it can be quite painful and annoying to get bitten from a gerbil : I have two lol. They will sometimes just bite or nibble to test your finger to see if it's something they can gnaw on or eat. Once they establish it's not for eating , they will stop. Mines bit me for 2 months straight after I got them but now 6 months on , they're fine with me. Just give it time and persevere. They are truly lovely , and lively I might add , creatures and please do not punish them. 
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My gerbil did not just nibble, it bit me hard with blood coming out of my finger I already know this good info but what happens if they bite you hard
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Do not hit flick or tap them a good technique I recomend is if they bite or nibble you in an agressive or just at all blow a short puff of air in there face and say NO it works well mine are not biting anymore !!! :)
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Squeeze him until his eyes jump out of his   works...believe
Now seriously...gerbils don´t nip/ nibble just without a reason...Some possible reasons are: Trying to handle them if they don´t want (but usually there are ealier signals like digging in your hand), rough handling, or just because they are frightened. Try to make them comfortable...not putting them on a position they don´t want or picking up them without their "permission". Most of the times WE ASK FOR NIBBLING OR BITES because we don´t respect their desire of being put back to their cage.

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