Do Long Haired Hamsters Bite?


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All animals will bite out of fear. Try just holding you hand in the cage and letting it get use to your scent, then when the hamster ignores you with your hand in the cage and does the normal hamster stuff then you can progress to petting it. When you hold a hamster out side the cage you should cup it in your hands and hold it close to your body. You should never feed a hamster treats through the bars of it's cage, considering you don't want him/her to mistake your finger as food when say a child or friend pokes their finger in to say hi.
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It does bite
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Yes all hamsters bite. But they can get used to you. Wouldn't you bite if some big hand was coming down at you?
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I have heard that Hamsters bite. I would research it in a pet handbook, but I believe that they do bite.
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All hamsters can bite, there is no difference in biting between long and short hair.
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Long haired hamsters do bite but before they do they make like a screaming noise and they do not bite often.

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