Effects Of A Tick On My Dog. What Else Should I Do?


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The knot is a localized tissue reaction; an irritation called cellulitis.  This is common after tick bites and should resolve on it's own.  If it seems painful to your dog, starts draining/looks infected, or gets bigger it needs to be examined by a veterinarian.
You can try warm compressing the area with a warm wash cloth. 
Ticks can carry several diseases that affect dogs and people.  The tick exposure transfers the diseases to dogs and people.  Ask your veterinarian about methods for tick prevention.  If you have a severe tick infestation in the yard this may need to be treated too.
When you clean wounds on your dog do not use hydrogen peroxide.  It can be very irritating to the skin and make wounds worse.  Just use warm water and a gentle anti-bacterial soap.

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