My 3 Year Old Yorkie Is Throwing Up White Foam But Acts Normal, Can You Help?


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My 3-year old yorkie was puking foam for a month and last night, it turned to blood. I am very worried and am taking her to the vet tomorrow -any ideas what's going on?
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Is your dog bloated? Restlessness? What other symptoms he is showing? Foamy vomiting occurs when dogs try to vomit but nothing comes out except bile or foam. This condition can be due to
  1. Nervousness
  2. Anxiety
  3. Eating rapidly
  4. Overeating
  5. Dry foods
  6. Canine bloat
If your dog has habits of eating rapidly or eats too much then correct this habit. Don't give dry foods and all those foods that cause stomach irritations. If he has no bad eating habits and is free from any other psychological problem then bloat is suspected which is a medical emergency and vet attention immediately because it can cause mortality in dogs.
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Throwing up foam does not sound normal. If this persists, have him checked out by a vet.  If he has just done this a few times and only recently, it may just be stomach upset from something he ate.  You would not believe what animals get into when you are not watching.  If this persists, may be an indiciation of a more serious problem.  If more syptoms appear, get him to a vet

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