How Does Daawn Dish Soap Help With Fleas?


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If you have a flea problem, you can use soapy water to help solve the problem. First, take a lamp that shines light down by use of the shade, put in on the floor in the center of the flea problem, you will keep in on all night. Then, take small bowls of soapy water and place around the lamp as close to the base of the lamp as possible. Due this several nights in a row, then when the bowls no longer have fleas in the morning, your problem is gone until the dogs bring them in again. I empty the fleas from the bowls in the sink using hot, hot water. The fleas can't swim to the top of the water with soap in the water, so they drown. The fleas are attracted to the light of the lamp.
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It works for fleas because fleas create an oil barrier around their bodies when they attach to an animal. They dish soap breaks down oil which is why it helps get fleas off an animal.
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I actually use Green Palmolive dish soap as instructed by our local Humane Society. It is mild and does kill fleas on cats on contact. Give it a try!
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Dawn Dish Soap is basically used for kitchen use. It works great for removing stains, grease, oil etc. It is even used by wildlife rehabilitators to remove oil from bird's feathers. But I have never heard it worked for fleas. This might be some misunderstanding.
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No your wrong it works
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The dawn dish soap worked for my pets but it also made them loose some of their fur however, it didnt last for long.
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It kills them put a dish of water with soap in it and the water will atrack the flee and the soap will kill them
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Garlic is not for dogs! Keep your dog clean and keep your yard free of fleas.
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