How Long Do Pomeranians Stay In Heat And How Often?


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Generally, a Pomeranian’s heat cycle should last about 21 days and approximately it should repeat this cycle every six months.  A Pomeranian’s fertility should be at its height during the middle of the cycle. For a few days her vulva will experience some swelling which will cause her to pass blood, commonly known as her season. This blood will turn a sort of watery pink which will indicate when she is most fertile; usually this is about 12 days from when you first notice her passing blood. During this period or season, she should be kept away from all dogs until she is 2 years, at this age she will have reached her physical maturity to be bred from.

The Pomeranian, or Pom, as they are commonly known as, is a breed of Spitz, named for the Pomerania region in Central Europe (today part of eastern Germany and northern Poland). This type of dos is classified as a toy dog because of its petit size, but has been descended from the larger Spitz type, known as the German Spitz. Though currently listed as one of the top 15 most popular dogs to own in the US, spurned by the toy dog craze, this particular breed has been popular since the 17th century, when Queen Victoria was famed for her preference and ownership of the breed.

Interestingly, since Queen Victoria’s reign, the Pomeranian has decreased in size by almost 50 per cent.

Though generally a sturdy and healthy breed, they are associated with specific deficiencies and are prone to certain illnesses. For example, the breed can suffer with an illness called "black skin disease”. This is a genetic skin disease which causes the dog's skin to turn black and lose all or most of its hair. However, do not let this deter you, like most pedigree, they are prone to certain defects, but they do still remain a generally healthy dog and continue to increase in popularity, particularly in America.
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The dogs heat cycle is 21 days
she should come on heat aprox every 6 months
she will be fertile in the center of the cycle for a few days
her vulva will swell and she will pass blood during her season
this will turn watery pink when she is most fertile aprox 12 days from first noticing blood
she should be kept away from all dogs during her season
she will be mature at 2 years old to breed
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Is it that big of a deal to keep her away from all dogs? I live in the city and i walk her all the time.....
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Your typical Pomeranian will go into heat about every 6 months.  Although just like humans this could fluctuate a little bit.  One cycle can last up to three weeks.  You can also ask your breeder how frequently the mother is going into heat to get a better idea for your pup.
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Pomeranians go into heat about every 6 months and they stay fertile in the middle of the cycle which is about 3 weeks.
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A female dog's heat cycle (regardless of breed) is 15 to 18 days long. :)
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We have a 10 and half POM who is trying to have  sex with our other Pom can he impregnate ou female dog

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