Why Do Dogs Circle Their Bowl Before Eating?


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jacques slabouz Profile
jacques slabouz answered
Just sizing it up...lol
walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
Dogs are keen on smell and sight.
They usually scope out thier dinner like prey.
Some will even play with it until their satisfied to eat it.
If they don't eat then there's something wrong with it.
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Anonymous answered
I guess to make sure no more animals are around it.
John Profile
John answered
They are making sure it's dead before they attack it.
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Anonymous answered
Mine doesn't, but you got me thinking.  She is completely housebroken, but sometimes, I don't want to hear the doggie door throughout the night, so I ask her to go out and do her business.  She always does.  Why does she sniff 1/3 of the yard for pee and 1/2 of the yard for poo?  What is that all about?  I know what she's going to do by the amount of her sniffing.
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Michelle Phy answered
Usually marking their territory & making it their food. A lot of dogs have food aggression if there is multiple dogs.

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