Why Do New Born Kitten's Eyes Puss?


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I can't answer this one to well, as I have basically just adopted an abandoned week old kitten! And am feeding it and nursing it as a mother cat would! But this cat has an eye that is basically glued shut with this yellow formation of puss. Today is the first day that I noticed a large bubble of it coming out, and when I wipe it, more came out. I am "hoping" that means that the infection is coming out.  Basically anything that is pussing with a discoloration is an infection. Most baby kittens get this, I do not know why. But I have heard you can give them a VERY small dosage of Amoxicillin, to kill the infection, but it has to be a small dose or you will kill it! I have been giving this kitten vitamins, taking VERY small amount of daily vitamins, and placing it in his milk to give him the right nutrients he needs, because the K.M.R that you buy for cat milk replacement has been known to harm the animals, and cause more damage then regular cow milk! So that is what I Use!
If the eye does not get better you can take it to a vet for the infection, and if you do not clean it and keep an eye on how worse its getting it can spread to the other eye, maybe even his nose, (kinds think of it as a serious sinus infection for a human!!) The vet will give you amoxicillin for animals, and vitamin stuff if its a new born! So I do it from home anyways!
I am not an expert on this! I just google all my information!
Hope this helps!

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