What Eats Lions And Hyenas?


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Lions are formidable predators, and therefore aren't often preyed upon by other animals. So, the only time you'll see another animal feasting on a lion is when a scavenger has stumbled upon a lion carcass.

Hyenas are also notorious pack predators, and also don't fall victim to other animals very easily.

As a result, neither lions nor hyenas appear regularly on the menu of other animals.

What eats lions and hyenas?
Because they are both considered fairly 'high up' on the food chain, lions don't often find themselves being hunted or attacked. Also, their strength and size means that very few animals stand a chance in a physical confrontation against a lion.

Hyenas have been known to attack lions on rare occasions, but are far more likely to feed on a lion if it's already dead or dying.

Other scavengers (like buzzards and vultures) might also feed on the carcass of a lion - but these are opportunistic meals, rather than targeted predatory attacks on a live animal.

Hyenas often scavenge and hunt in packs, and are notorious for their bone-crushingly strong jaws.
So, whilst the odd hyena might be killed by a lion or other predator, they aren't usually targeted as a food source either.

If anything, the animal that's most likely to feed on both lions and hyenas is the human!

If you're interested in a lion burger or a hyena steak, you can read more about people who love eating 'exotic' meats here.
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No kind of animal eats lions, they are at the top of the food chain.
Many lions prey on hyenas, though.

Lions are the kings of the jungle, so no animals can eat them.
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Lions kill hyenas but they don't really eat them - they can if they're really hungry though.
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Hyenas will scavenge carcasses of lions, but no animal kills adult lions for food.

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