Do Hyenas Prey On Other Animals?


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Yes. Hyenas are highly efficient predators, living mostly on wildebeests and zebras. And their hunting skills serve not only themselves but also lions. Tanazania's Ngorongoro lions, unlike those elsewhere, seldom hunt. Instead, they plunder hyena kills, guided to the feast by the eerie 'laughter' of the feeding pack. Hyenas will abandon a kill to several marauders, but often defend it against a solitary intruder.
So, hyenas are both scavengers and predators. A pack of spotted hyenas may harass a group of zebras, for instance. Often, but not always, they will concentrate on lame, sick or young animals. The hyenas are persistent and usually get their quarry. (If human settlement has driven wild animals from an area, great hunger may cause spotted hyenas to prey upon domestic sheep or cattle.) Sometimes they hunt alone, but they are more successful as a group. Spotted hyenas are so strong that they have been known to drag away the body of an ass.
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