Do Hyenas Attack Humans?


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Yes, hyenas have been known to kill humans! This is so where land has been cleared or wild animals no longer are in the area. Seldom will spotted hyenas attack people during the daylight hours. At night, however, when natives may sleep outdoors because of the heat, often they have been attacked by hyenas. Since the assailants generally go for the victim's face, some persons have horrible scars to show for these encounters.

It is a common practice in many parts of Asia and Africa for natives to move aged people, about to die, out of their huts and villages. Being superstitious about death, the natives never let it happen in their dwellings. The old people are left to meet their end out in the open, and we cannot be surprised if the hyena does not turn up its nose at such golden opportunities. Many times the beast has been reported as a grave robber.

Taking sensible precautions against molestation by this bone-crusher is not unwise. On the other hand, if the striped hyena is cornered by dogs, it chooses flight instead of a fight. But if unable to get away, this hyena may foil the dogs by playing dead. Then, with its enemies off guard, the hyena is likely to jump to its feet and bound away to safety.
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Yes, Hyenas attack humans if you go near them. But in Nigeria we have Hyenas as our pets and they don't attack us.
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Saw an episode of NG most extreme and they said spotted hyenas came 8th or 9th in the 'killer of humans' category.... So you, they kill humans,a lot of them do.

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