What Do Lion Head Rabbits Eat?


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Mostly rabbit pellets, occasional dandy lion leaves and prickly lettuce (no real lettuce
or cabbage, no matter what Peter Cottontail says), carrot/carrot top treats,
fresh alfalfa (a little at first), Cherrio rewards are good to get Momma a bit
more willing to let you see her kittens (without taking off a finger, first), new
comfrey leaves are good for sick rabbits or for rabbits off their feed (you offer
it and if they need it, they'll take it), dried pineapple or a little grapefruit
juice in the water to help with hairballs while a water/Gatoraide mix is good
when a rabbit isn't drinking enough (berry flavors seems to do best, but
both mixes can go south if left in the bottle too long), occasional strawberries
and water mellon, fresh grass (again, a little at first). Some people plant nasturtiums
because rabbits 'won't eat them'...wrong. I've had more than one that would
give any plant they could get to a a fast trimming. Rabbits like to knaw on apple
tree branches...which causes a problem if you are spraying 'Bitter Apple' on
things to stop chewing. Use 'Bitter Lime' instead.
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The same as all rabbits. Fresh hay, grass, balanced assortment of fresh green veg, fresh herbs, dried pellets, small amount of fruit. Dandelion leaves.
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Molly eats pellets carrots broccoli dandelions and hay and drinks water.
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Mine likes to eat carrots,cucumber,hay,normal rabbit food from the pet store and things like that but you can't give a lot of banana or grapes in a day =)
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Lionhead rabbits eat mostly every vegetable (carrots, lettuce) They eat rabbit pelets also and any rabbit treat in the store
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They can eat carrots

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