Will You Get Sick If You Eat Rat Poison?


5 Answers

Mitch Cameron Profile
Mitch Cameron answered
It depends how much you ate of it. But rat poison can be deadly. Fortunate for you, you were lucky.
Kyoko Katayama Profile
Kyoko Katayama answered
It depends on what kind of rat poison you decide to eat.  For instance, if you eat De-Con, you will be eating warfarin, a drug used in hospitals as a "blood thinner".  It actually prevents blood from clotting.  If you or a rat eats enough warfarin, you won't feel sick, you'll feel thirsty. This is because you and the rat are bleeding internally and the decreasing amount of blood in your blood vessels gives rise to a BIG thirst.
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
My question to you is; why did you eat rat poison? Was it intentional? Was there some food or drink laced with rat poison? Did you see a doctor? AND, are you having any health issues at the moment?

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