Is It True That, If You Drink Poisonous Snake Venom, It Will Not Kill You?


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Drinking snake venom might not necessarily kill you, but that doesn't make it a good idea!

This theory hasn't been tested out on all types of snake venom, but most scientists believe that digesting snake venom will simply result in the proteins contained in snake saliva being broken down into harmless amino acids by the digestive tract.

Is it safe to drink snake venom?
Although a bite from a King Cobra, Black Mamba or Costal Taipan can prove fatal in a matter of minutes, you should theoretically be able to drink the toxic venom of these snakes and live to tell the tale.

That is, unless you have a cut or ulcer in your mouth, throat or digestive system. As long as the venom remains separate from your bloodstream, your body should be able to digest the venom like any other drink, eventually breaking it down into harmless chemicals.

However, if the venom enters your bloodstream, then you'll find yourself in serious trouble. Just ask Zaver Rathod...

He's an Indian man who, after a poisonous snake bit a friend of his, decided to kill and eat the snake raw as a bet. Zaver managed to stomach the snake (and won $2.14 in the process), but was rushed to hospital with severe nausea and vomiting.

Luckily, doctors were able to remove the contents of Zaver's stomach before the venom killed him, however I bet that's a wager he's not going to risk again!
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This question is probably best left untested by humans... Just in case!

However, many within the scientific community feel that this is indeed true, primarily because the digestive system can break down the venom and therefore it would not be lethal for humans.

Drinking snake venom
When a snake bites you, it puts the venom straight into your bloodstream. If you actually drank the venom then (provided that your gastro-intestinal tract and your digestive system is working OK) then the proteins in the venom should be broken down into harmless amino acids, and therefore you will not come to any harm.

However, this should not be tried out at home, even if you can get your hands on some snake venom. Many people may have something wrong with their digestive system and are unaware that this is the case.

Drinking snake venom is not the way to learn that your stomach isn't processing food properly!
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It will kill you if it's poisonous, but if it's just venom then it won't do any harm.

That's the difference between poison and venom. Poison has to be inhaled or digested, venom has to be sent straight into the bloodstream.
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