If my dog eats a wild baby rabbit, can she get sick?


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Shalla Larocque answered
Expect diarrhea for a bit.  The major concern is the rabbit's bones getting caught in her digestive tract or perforating through her digestive tract.  If she (sorry if your dog is a boy....I'm just saying "she" for simplicity sake) gets very lethargic, won't eat, and/or starts perfuse vomiting, then have her examined by her veterinarian.  If she comes down with some diarrhea, you can try a homemade remedy to help her out.  BOIL chicken or lean hamburger (drain all fat/grease off of it) and mix it with rice.  The mixture should be 1/3 meat (whichever meat you choose) and 2/3 rice (therefore more bland carbohydrates to take it easy on the GI tract).  Give this mixture for 5-7 days then GRADUALLY start re-introducing her regular dog food.  Hope this helps!

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