What Happens If My Dog Ate Tramadol Pills?


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You should seek immediate veterinary attention if your dog ate Tramadol pills that weren't prescribed. 

Tramadol and animals

Tramadol is commonly used as a pain killer for animals, especially those that have undergone recent surgery.  The reason it's so popular is due to the fact that it has the same effects as morphine but isn't addictive. 

Another benefit of Tramadol is that it's a relatively inexpensive option of pain relief for animals, which allows those with less financial means or insurance to be able to provide their pet with suitable pain relief. 

Dangers of Tramadol to animals

Although animals are often prescribed Tramadol as a method of pain relief, there are distinct differences between the dosages of veterinary prescriptions of the medication and those prescribed to humans. 

Therefore, it's really important that you take your dog to see a vet immediately if accidental ingestion of Tramadol has occurred.  An overdose could be life threatening. 

Animals in pain is never something that I enjoy thinking about, so here's a video of puppies being cute to cheer you (me) up a bit!

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