What If My Dog Ate Too Much Food?


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This really depends on two things; what food the dog ate and how much food was consumed.

Dogs' stomachs are a lot like humans and so if they have over-eaten then they can feel very bloated and even sick. However dogs' stomachs cannot tolerate the same mixtures of food as humans and so if the dog has eaten a lot junk food or leftovers, then it could be in a bit of trouble.

With any medical concern with your dog, it is always wise to take it to the vets. If the dog is looking ill or is acting very sluggish then it could well be suffering from poisoning. Therefore it is critical that the dog is fully checked over at the vets.

Even if the dog had just eaten too much of its dog food then it is still worth taking it to the vets or at least ringing up the vet to ask what you should do. You may think the dog is looking ill because it ate too much food when in fact it could be ill for a completely different reason.

It is important to give dogs a healthy, balanced diet and the correct portions for its needs. Therefore the food should be served in a dog bowl and the rest of the dog food should be kept somewhere the dog cannot gain access to. This way you are in complete control of your dog's intake and so can avoid the risk of over-feeding them or giving them the wrong type of food.
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Overeating in dogs can leads to many complications. Overeating in dogs is more common in those dogs that live in kennels. This problem can be due to obsessive compulsive disorder, Cushing's disease, hyperthyroidism, intestinal parasites, diabetes, pancreatitis, and pituitary tumors. Over eating in dogs can cause
  1. Obesity
  2. Heart problems
  3. Orthopedic problems
So, if your dog is overeating then take him to vet to find out underlying cause and treatment.
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Unfortunately there is nothing you can do, his body will get rid of it
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My dog ate a 5lb bag of dog food at once what do I do

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