My Dog Ate A Chocolate Doughnut, What Should I Do? But The Thing Is We Can't Afford Another Vet Visit. Help ASAP! Please!


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Chocolate toxicity depends upon the dose of chocolate ingested--this is related to size of the dog and amount eaten.  If the donut was chocolate covered I would not be too concerned.  Milk chocolate is less toxic than baking chocolate or cocoa.  Even the amount of chocolate in a 100% chocolate donut would probably not be enough to cause concern.  Initially signs of toxicity due to chocolate are vomiting and lethargy.  If these progress and your dog becomes very lethargic or starts tremoring have him seen immediately by a veterinarian. 
Any dog that eats food he's not accustomed to can cause gastrointestinal side effects--like vomiting and especially diarrhea.  The diarrhea often starts 1-2 days after ingestion.
You can give your dog Pepcid at a dose of 0.5 milligram per kilogram body weight by mouth twice daily to help settle the stomach and try to prevent vomiting.  A bland diet can help too--boiled chicken, boiled rice, canned pumpkin, and plain yogurt.
Vomiting can be induced within 2 hours of ingestion of things like donuts.  Do NOT use ipecac--this is not safe in dogs.  The at home emetic of choice is hydrogen peroxide.  Use 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of body weight and do not exceed 3 Tablespoons per dog.  This can be repeated once if vomiting has not occurred in 10-15 minutes.  After 2 hours most of the ingesta has left the stomach and making your dog vomit will do nothing.
You can always call your veterinarian for their assessment of the amount of chocolate eaten.  They know your dog, his size etc and will be able to give you the best idea if this will be a problem.
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Thanks! He is all better, we didn't take him to the vet though. He just wasn't acting weird either so we just kept an eye on him. :)
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My sons dog ate 12 chocolate donuts two days ago, he has diarriah and has not been eating hardly at all.. Cannot afford another vet bill, have been treating with fluids and pepto-bismo.. This has been two days ago, is there anything else that I can be doing to help her feel better faster. She is a 35 or 40 lb. Boxer pup four months old.. This like I said was 2 days ago.. How long will the symptoms last.. They all had chocolate icing and nits.. How she got them down, they were up high, we do not know.. Is there anything else I can do for her??
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My dog at a little chocolate egg I'm scared :v(  If you  answer this put the number: 000 in it
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They say that chocolate is not good for dogs as it don't digest properly and clogs the archery's but that is a lot of it. I don't think one chocolate doughnut is going to harm your dog, if anything he is probably looking for more. Hope this helps
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Have you ever heard of epicac syrup? This is something that you keep around the house when you have children in case they ingest something poisonous. You can feed this to the dog, go to the pharmacy and ask them where you can find it, or just call them and they will be able to tell you. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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