Do Dogs Vomit Poop?


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Dogs don't vomit poop. But vomiting in dogs can be smelly like poop. This smelly vomiting if occurs off and on then OK otherwise it can be due to some illnesses. Common causes of vomiting in dogs are
  1. Eating grass
  2. Over eating
  3. Eating rapidly
  4. Exercise after eating
  5. Food allergies
  6. Food intolerance
  7. Changes in diet
  8. Intestinal parasites
  9. GI obstruction
  10. Due to some other illnesses
If your dog is vomiting continuously since last 24 hours then take him to vet.
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My dog has vomited it and it was a lot all of it looked and smelled like poop and yesterday he was at the vet and I was told he was badly backed up. What could this be???

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