Why Is My Dog Urinating A Lot Now?


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Dogs drink about one liter of water every day. More if they are energetic, and sweat a lot. Your dog will urinate a lot more if he drinks a lot more water. Also, cold weather makes it necessary for all mammals to urinate more frequently. Male dogs will also urinate frequently to mark their territory.

Is is also possible your dog has a urinary tract infection. This will make urination very frequent, as well as painful. At times, your dog will not be able to control where it is urinating, so there may be accidents around the house. This, however, is only true for female dogs.

Diabetes is also possible, as one symptom of this is increased urination. You might want to get your dog checked out for both of the above if the problem persists.

Go to the vet immediately if there is urine in the blood, there is discharge, swelling around the anus or your dog seems to be in pain.

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I'm not so sure, but I know that when some dogs get excited they tend to jump all over and spray all over
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You may want to make sure it isn't something like a urinary tract infection if you haven't yet.
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Either he has drunken to much water or r if he is drinking constantly and just peeing it out he might have diabetes.
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My dog is weeing all the time and is off his food and have wee marks on slabs in the garden?
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Either the dog is trying to express its excitement, so he could not control its bladder. Or, in the worst case scenario, the dog have the fatal diseases, like diabetes, which would lead to frequent peeing of that kind.

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